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Sigrid Krug

I was born in the last century in Munich, Germany, and I'm still living there, working as an IT specialist for an international company.

Since leaving highschool I barely drew or painted anymore until 2014, when I started again - with the objective to paint something nice to hang over the couch.


I still haven't achieved this goal, but that's how a wonderful journey began. In October 2014 I discovered oil colors (having used acrylics before) and became addicted. Since then I spent many weekends exploring, experimenting, drawing, painting or just watching. All this at home, at plein air, in the studio or travelling around, alone or with nice company.


Painting has become more a passion than a leisure activity, and it is enriching my life enormously.

With some of my paintings I also have captured nice souvenirs of my numerous trips over the last years. I'm glad to share them with you on this web page.



To contact me please send an email to:


or use my contact form.

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